It is often useful to learn about ourselves with others. I offer one-day workshops that help to explore aspects of ourselves that perhaps hold us back.

Sharing a group experience will allow you to look at various issues that happen in our lives with the aim to gain a fuller understanding and make positive changes. The workshops are open to all sexes, orientations and ages.

Current topics of workshops are:

A workshop in which you can learn more about arousal, orgasm, childhood messages, myths and taboos around sex. Through group discussion and small group exercises, you will come away with a better understanding of yourself. Furthermore, you will get techniques for communicating about sex and begin to get your needs met. At no point will you be asked to remove clothing or engage in sexual practice during the workshop. Same sex and mixed gender groups are available.

For those of you who live with anxiety and want to understand it more fully. This workshop will enable you to share experiences with others, learn strategies to befriend your anxiety and quieten the mind from ‘worrying forward’ and stay in the now.

Losing a loved one, whether partner, family member, friend or pet can rock your world. The ‘normal’ you once knew has gone. Through shared experiences , understanding and support you will learn to build a new normal.

This workshop offers discussion and small group exercises aiming to improve your relationship. It will help you develop techniques and communication skills so you can listen and feel heard by your partner.

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If you’d like to take part in a workshop but you can’t see any future dates, please call or fill in the form to register your interest and I will be in touch when I have added another workshop to the diary.

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